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LabCheck™ simplifies ordering and reporting

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LabCheck is purpose-built to meet our customers’ laboratory ordering and reporting needs with simple order entry, electronic results delivery, automated calculations, pre-built and customized reports, and more.


Facility-specific and personalized functions

LabCheck simplifies ordering and reporting.


Single sign-on, customizable dashboard views, and reports specific to your needs.


No paper requisitions or manifests, completely digital ordering, supply fulfillment, test notifications and results, regulatory documentation, report distribution, and more.


LabCheck easily integrates with a variety of third-party vendor applications using standard HL7 protocols that allow us to send and receive secure and compliant data.

Intuitive, easy-to-use features

​​This industry-first, web-based application allows you to coordinate care communication automatically and access hundreds of customized reports—simply.


Role-based access, requests, authorization, and billing



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Do more with LabCheckGo™

Our LabCheck mobile app enables our customers to view, monitor, and acknowledge critical action-level alerts and results for single or multiple facilities, anytime and anywhere.

More services, expanded possibilities


An online education portal, Ascend University is a highly valued resource our customers rely on for achieving laboratory competency excellence.

Reference Manual

Our searchable, easy-to-use reference manual includes the most up-to-date laboratory instruction and guidance information available to our customers.

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Providing you with exactly what you need, when and how you need it, is embedded in our DNA–contact us and let us prove it to you.

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